Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Dangerous Weekend

Chris and I got married the day before Mother's Day, 2000. We did not have the forethought to know that our anniversary and Mother's Day would occur on the same day. Or perhaps, we did not think ahead to realize the peril my poor husband would be in when I became a mother and our anniversary and Mother's Day coincided. He was just relieved that getting married in 2000 meant he would always know how many years we had been married.

This year it happened, a potential disaster. (We have a deal about such things. I tell him what I need so he knows. For example, "Honey, our anniversary and Mother's Day are entirely different celebrations, please make sure you acknowledge both separately." I don't expect expense here just understanding that I need acknowledgement of both events.) And my husband handled himself masterfully! I thought I'd share his brilliance with you.

Friday night: Dinner at a nice restaurant (we had a gift card). Anniversary. I didn't care for my entree selection, but the company and conversation were exceptional. Followed by small group. We left early because I got a migraine, possibly caused by the blue cheese on my meal.

Saturday morning: Gingerman Raceway for Go-Kart racing. Family day out. Fun to watch and Abigail thought it was grand.

Saturday evening: Spiderman 3 at the drive-in. Anniversary. Abigail didn't go to sleep at all so less anniversary than movie out. The last time we will be going to the drive-in prior to teenage years. Good movie, fun time with my family.

Sunday: Superb skillet meal fixed by handsome man, DQ for dessert, and drive to the beach. Mother's Day. What more can I say, dinner and dessert and I didn't have to cook. Wonderful.

He carried it off brilliantly. I felt appreciated as a wife, anniversary, and as a mom, Mother's Day. And he can relax for seven more years. (Well a little less if you calculate for leap year.)

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  1. Good job Chris!!! But of course now he has set a precedent. I wonder if he realizes this? :)