Monday, May 14, 2007

Vacuum Cleaner Love

Walking into our dining room between breakfast and lunch can be riddled with danger. One never knows if what he steps on will goosh, stick, slime, crunch, or pain his foot. We are bare-feet-at-home people. Considering the dining room floor, I don't know why. Breakfast rejected by Twiddlepants-the-Toddler can be rather vengeful.

This morning it was muffins, a great recipe from my friend Deanne at Fragile Flower. Abigail likes the muffins, but Abigail is not a great fan of breakfast. A quirk inherited from her father. There is so much to do why eat. He does about an hour into his day. She, well, staves off starvation and waits for lunch. Anyway, muffins are crumbly and Abigail takes great delight in turning her muffins into crumbs. (Before bed the muffins are consumed crumbs and all!)

Now to the love of my house: my vacuum cleaner. It is one of those terribly expensive, finance for a year, Kirby varieties. But I luuuuuv it. It sucks up stuff I would never have imagined sucking up pre-toddlerhood. Half a muffin, chicken nuggets, broccoli florets, crusty oatmeal, lettuce, peanut butter and whatever goes with it, pear, apple, grapes. It all goes. AND the bags on my vacuum, don't let anyone know I am sucking up rejected fish. They don't stink! Oh how I love my vacuum cleaner.


  1. I gave you a muffin recipe??? I'm at a loss at to remember what I passed on! Enlighten me, please?!

    We got a new vacuum recently too. Although we did not spend a fortune on it. Maybe that is why it is already smoking by the time I'm done in the house. But at least it's better than what we had!!! Your vacuum sounds fabulous!! Better be since you had to finance it! :)

  2. I got the recipe from your blog: Six Week All Bran Muffins. I love the fact that I can mix them all up and forget about them till I want muffins. And everyone here likes them.

  3. Oh! THOSE muffins! Well, I can't claim them, they came from another person in blog-land (Wiglife). I haven't made them myself but she sent me some and they were fabuloso! Glad you liked 'em! :)

    11 more days until Chicago!! I. Can't. Wait. Yes, I'm counting the days, especially since Ryan is gone this week! I look forward to seeing you super soon!