Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Dog

I was afraid it would happen. I predicted it would happen. But closing the blinds as New Dog tried to cross the street in front of our house, I couldn't do. Oh how I wish I could. It has happened: everyone loves New Dog and New Dog is happy here. Well everyone but me.

Of course she would be happy. She torments Tippy. She squashes the day lilies. she carries string all over the yard. And best of all she has someone to clean up after her. What more could a dog want.

Abigail loves watching the dogs play. She screams as only teenage girls pretending to be scared, or talking about boys scream. The screams followed closely by giggles. A prediction of things to come?!? She doesn't yet know that while the dogs play in the yard, she stays in the house. They are too big and she is too little. And I don't trust New Dog's pit bull temperament.

Chris loves New Dog just because New Dog is an animal in need. He is kind of a sucker for things in need, especially if they walk on four legs and have fur. He hasn't cleaned up after them.

I feel bad for New Dog. I wish her owner would call all the places one should call when they lose a pet. But when I see New Dog, I see piles of poop to be cleaned up. And I see fleas and worms and the medicines to prevent fleas and worms. Oh, how I want to see an owner who doesn't look like me.

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