Sunday, May 13, 2007


I struggled with the title to this post. I thought about WOOHOOOoo but settled on Pepper.
New Dog has a name. She is loved. New Dog has a home and an owner who wants her. And the best part: IT ISN'T US!!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!! YIPPEE!! Kick up my heels with glee.

We put up posters and asked everyone one out if they knew the dog. We called the lost animal places to call. Pepper's owner put up posters. Pepper's owner asked everyone he knew if they had seen his dog. I don't know if he called the lost animal places to call. (After talking with them, I could believe he did and the lost and found reports went unmatched.) He never saw our posters and we never saw his.

Well, until today. One of the people accused by basketball playing kids of owning Pepper found the poster looking for Pepper and put it in our door. What a gift coming home from church to find New Dog's owner. Shall I say it again, YIPPEE!

How often, I wonder, do I go through my life looking for answers only to miss the signs? How often do I know someone else is looking, but say nothing for fear I may be wrong? Why do I find such questions in the shared 3 day life of a dog?


  1. I know you're thrilled, I bet Tippy is too! :)

  2. I'm so glad the owner showed up to claim his dog. One less thing to do and think about.
    Now Abby can be outside again.