Sunday, August 5, 2007

On Being Followed

It was raining as we got ready for and went to church. Puddles were sure to excite stomping so we exchanged Abigail's sandals for lacy socks and little white mary-janes with a bow on the strap.

The rain ended sometime during service and the dry sidewalks beckoned us to walk around the church instead of through it. Chris led and I walked somewhere near yet always between the child and the parking lot.

Anyone who has walked with a toddler knows that toddler walking is really sporadic halts to ponder the world and awkward running to the next facination followed again by the sudden halt. Amid the running and halting and reminders to move on and to stay on the sidewalk and to slow down so as not to fall, the leader, Chris, turned around causing a halt and said,

"It's like being chased by a duck!"

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