Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Or the wishing.

Abigail has been wishing and waiting for spring and summer. I hate the cold she complains when she has to put on her big green winter coat. Thankfully the weather has been above freezing and she has been allowed to wear her vest when we are making stops.

Tell the snow to go away, she said one day.
You'll have to take that up with God, I replied. If I weren't tired of the snow and the complaints I may have said, one more time, that snow is God's way of providing water for us. But I think I have said that one thousand times and I wasn't going to reiterate it that day.
God, the brazen four-year old said, stop the snowing and send warm.

And she prepares. Just yesterday I was informed that she needed new flippers for the summer since we packed last summer's flippers away. And if she gets new flippers, can we go to Ohiopyle? And can she get in the water? And when can she play in her pool? No questioning about the next time it snows so she can go sled riding. No remarking about the joy of snow angels or the fun of snowballs. No, she is done with winter. In January.

But today, my seeds arrived. Tiny little promises of green and warm and bounty and flower. And though I am far from being prepared for planting time, one might catch me checking the weather waiting for the warm.


  1. feel free to come visit us anytime! Karen and I would LOVE to see you and the kids (and Chris too, of course)! :)

  2. I am SO over the cold, and just picked out a garden for the side of the house, and am planning what veggies to plant this year (Kevin has heard me say MORE CORN about fifty times already). But we haven't had much snow at all, just one snowfall, and the kids really want more to go sledding and build snowmen. So they're not done, but I am!! I'm also considering a citrus tree for indoors, they bloom in spring, and would be a welcome reprieve from this dull gloom . . .