Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Missing Out

from yesterday

The contractor was supposed to come to check out the ice damage and the water damage caused by the ice damage. He didn't show up. We missed play date because we were waiting for the contractor. We like play date.

It is easy to sulk when we think we have gotten the shaft. But the blessings they come in the missing.

1. extra time to cuddle
2. the extra book we get to read
3. talking about the distance between the east and the west4. giving a clean slate
5. sharing sausage leftovers
6. the cardinal on the bird feeder
7. the bird feeder outside the kitchen window
8. finding the bird identification book
9. his nap in the morning
10. a basement straightened
11. the sun on our necks12. happy sways as he dances
13. spoon and pot drumming
14. her face when she spotted the cardinal
15. a lite list
16. slowing down
17. her voice playing the books we've read
18. time for Peter Rabbit
19. confession
20. trust
21. heard prayers--mothering the heart in His strength
22. her face when mama didn't remember the offense

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