Thursday, February 25, 2010

He's Not Home

Chris is on a business trip. Actually the trip is almost over; they are on their way home and we are praying for their safety in the snow. The children and I have been together without him since yesterday morning.

He has been good during this time of separation. Making Himself visible in the ordinary.

1. boxes to give
2. more space in our basement
3. generosity making all things grander
4. he slept all night long
5. and again--all night long
6. the girl who carried our tray for us at dinner time
7. the man who encouraged an embarrassed mama
8. the couple who gave grace to a loud girl
9. the story I have to tell
10. her understanding of the world coming along
11. that she feels safe in His house
12. with His people
13. those friends checking in
14. visiting with the employee we've gotten to know through our many visits to he home improvement store
15. feeling valuable in her eyes
16. a call from mom
17. a good book
18. her little body pressed close to mine in the middle of the night
19. his pot drums
20. baby belly laughs that knock him off his feet
21. mug cake
22. her favorites--pasta, asparagus, shrimp, and cheese
23. the way he wants to be with me . . . and her
24. a stable job
25. his voice calling to talk
26. his voice calling to check in and reassure me
27. knowing he is traveling with others
28. his almost a toddler persistence
29. the way his pacifier is neither in or out of his mouth when he sleeps
30. her outfits--blue dress with pink apples with cheetah print pants

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  1. Ryan is gone too. It will be two weeks by the time he gets back. And man is this hard! But being grateful helps make the time apart not as difficult!