Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The children are sleeping,or were when I started this post. Abigail is groggily rummaging in the kitchen for something. Since she just woke, I'm not going to ask till she is ready to speak.

I'm waiting for Chris to call. It should be any minute now. I miss him so. I've spent all afternoon watching the clock. Our pre-arranged time the same as yesterday's. They had to travel to another town today, so I probably shouldn't get my hopes up.

The taxes are complete, awaiting his return and review. Weekend plans are made-birthday dinner with a friend. Her's not mine. I'm considering my cut. Trying to push out the whisper be content. But I really can't think of anything I want except the ladies' retreat. Chris has worked so hard on the bedroom remodel without asking for a cut. I am feeling guilty. But it's the taxes. Really, who wants to do that.

The bathroom is clean and I am considering dinner. Yes, 4:00PM is a terrible time to consider dinner options, but Abigail would be content to graze for the remainder of the day and Simon will eat mushed veggies. So it is just me to feed. What will I have? What will I have that will be good on the low-carb diet thing I am considering?

Tonight we will go to church. Abigail to Cubbies, unprepared. And Simon and I to Alliance Women. He isn't a woman, but he's too small to complain and he's cute enough that everyone wants to hold him. I wish I had a good attitude toward Awana Cubbies, but the verses aren't whole and there are so many kids that Abigail can't tell me what she learned. She is considered a three-year-old based on when in the year her birthday falls. She is smart enough, but she is still far more like a three than a four. So flakiness is to be expected and her joy at being with other children in the house of the Lord is important.

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