Tuesday, February 2, 2010


He is away. Far away. Since Saturday.
We were at my parents. Since Saturday.

She has missed him.
I thought being away, the three of us, would help.
Other grown-ups. Interesting place.
Chickens, snow, sledding.
Daddy gone. Strange bed.
I was wrong.

We gathered up. We drove home.
Boy, dog, girl, mother.

Home is good.
She has perked up.
Knowing where and what and how.
His pudgy fingers getting into all the stuff they shouldn't.
Smiles at home.

She talked all day long.
Introverted mom.
He had to go to bed early.
Girl and mother couldn't keep fingers contained.

He called from far-away.
My heart was whole for moments.
When two are made one. . .

He who created us all has been in all this.
Sustaining. Providing. Loving. Filling.
Oh, that He will continue.

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