Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Girl and Her Daddy

We were coming in the door after a play date at the park.
Is Daddy here?


But he always comes home for lunch.
She whined.
He never comes home when we go to the park.
When will he?

I ignore the question. Remember that today is his last day this week. He is taking off Thursday and Friday.
Oh, yeah. Why?
To work on the van and spend time with us.

I push the sticking door open. She scoots under my arm to be the first inside.
Ahhh, isn't that sweet. She murmurs.
Isn't it?
He's the most wonderful guy in the world.

She puts her shoes in the basket.
What did you say? I wanted to be sure I heard this first statement correctly.

He's the most wonderful guy in the world. Yes, he is.

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