Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hopscotch and Lawn Mowing

Yesterday, Abigail and I played hopscotch. I drew the board so there was only one one-footed hop. And we changed the rules so she didn't have to pick up the puck. Hey, the driveway is slanted and she is little. I could see road rash all over her forehead. She did really well; her one footed hops looked a little like a dog cocking his leg to pee which made me laugh out loud. Whatever works.

At the same time, Chris was mowing the yard. You've heard of the way Simon pursues the sweeper. Well, let me just say that the mower is bigger, redder, louder, and pushed by Daddy. It is irresistible! To the point that he tried to chase them down the steepest part of the yard and ended up rolling down the hill. I so wished I had the camera. It truly was one of those moments when you take a picture before helping them up. Yes, I know that sounds terrible, but he wasn't in any danger, and he-who-hears-you-say-don't-go-into-the-street-but-looks-back-to-count-the-cost-and-goes-anyway needs to have said pictures for when he is a daddy.Speaking of Simon, he is always hungry, or he is always willing to eat. I haven't figured out which. We made graham crackers yesterday and I gave each a taste of the dough I was rolling out on the table. Apparently one taste wasn't enough. He was inspired! He worked and grunted and pushed and pulled himself onto the dining room chair. All to reach the graham cracker dough. Think of his distress when he was thwarted. He can scream!

And he can make her scream as no one else! I know he is too young to knowingly, deliberately try to make his sister crazy. . .but. . .he somehow manages to with such a great deal of skill and precision that it seems he was born with this ability to see just what will most bother her and feel an insatiable need to do just that thing. She has resorted to creating blockades around herself or climbing higher than he can as she is playing. I'm just waiting till he decides to play war and blow-up her farms and houses and such. I can hear it now, Simon Christopher, I was playing with that.

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