Friday, January 7, 2011


So, really, I need to practice some celebration. How do I know?

It is easy. I couldn't think of anything to post for two days. I'm supposed this month to be concentrating on joy--celebrating His goodness. I live with three people who love me and are funny. I live in a free country and am able to worship and eat and drive and say what I want.

And for two days I couldn't find anything to say!

Today we did school per Abigail's request. She worked on phonics while Simon scooted blocks on the table. Really, Abigail, reading does require looking at the letters. She also traced her name and wrote the letters we practiced sounding while Simon scribbled on the paper I gave him and the wall beside the table. We looked at the calendar she acquired last night while we hung it to hide the wall Simon scribbled on. We learned about Meerkats (I would like one for a pet). I say we because Simon is intent on any animal study we do especially when he can stick his head between the screen and the sister inciting her to frustration.

Today we also worked on the train track trying to make it into a figure 8. We need the father for that. So there is a track laid out in the living room that is neither a figure 8 or an oval but a shape that was not advertised on the box. I love that it doesn't quite comply with the engineers. (Sorry spouse, but we both know engineers have to engineer around me. We've had the discussion.)

I've read and emailed and talked on the phone. I've received good news and bad today. It is snowing and the cardinal seems to have left his post in the tree. The laundry is waiting. The cups of coffee were delicious. Simon's lunch time acrobatics did not end in falling off of the table. I think they are sleeping.

Isn't He good. It is the little things that bring joy. It is even the mundane when shown in the Light of mercy and grace.


  1. He is good...all the time and totally worth celebrating. We have far more blessings than we deserve! Have a blessed weekend!

  2. It's so easy to think a regular day is a regular day, and yet, there's so much to be thankful for in that. PTL!

  3. There's something about recording the "mundane". . .it becomes gold to be cherished down the road. I really do think it's the "little" things that make life special :)