Friday, March 18, 2011

Ordinary Is Good

It is almost 70 degrees outside the last time I checked the thermometer. After yesterday's delightful warmth, my children's heads smell of playing out of doors. Books have been read on the swing and toys carried from room to porch. 3:30 promises another exodus from the house and when Chris gets home from work, I will take a walk.

We have friends coming for dinner in place of small group. I've saved money on our electric. The wind chime is tinkling. Abigail is playing and Simon is sleeping. We've arrived in Neverland in the original story taking tiny bits at a time.

The windows are open and the winter quilt covering the couch is being washed for next year. Everything is budding. Crocuses are in their glory and the first of the daffodils has smiled at the sky. I received a beautiful magazine yesterday and have a good book to read.

Tonight after our friends depart, we will sneak in a half hour of TV via the internet. Last night's Big Bang Theory. Then we will go to bed to have buckwheat cakes tomorrow morning.

Today I am all here. And all here is good.

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  1. *knock knock knock* SARAH *knock knock knock* SARAH *knock knock knock* SARAH :)