Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It was here that you first said Abigail. I murmured to the girl in the backseat.

We had been at my in-laws house for the afternoon. Needing to get gas we stopped at the Sheetz between their home and ours. The kids were in their pajamas and were semi-quiet. Chris was pumping gas. It was dark with a supermoon we couldn't help continually talking about.

She doesn't remember referring to herself as Agaba, always when someone asked it was Agaba. I couldn't help but think of Alladin whenever she would say it. 

I can't recall the date. When we were sitting in the dark while Chris pumped the gas at this Sheetz on the way home. But I remember the practice. Abeeeegail. Abeeegail. Abeegail. Abigail. I remember being tired and wishing she was asleep, according to plan. But it was quite nearly the last time I was to hear her little voice claim Agaba as her name.

Oh, how I want to be the woman reminding young moms to savor the moments for they go by so quickly years from now with the joy of one who has savored. Lord, create in me a patient and joyful heart present here with my children.

It was here that you first said Abigail.

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