Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Walking Wedensday--Grab the Camera

Yesterday, it was warm, and beautiful. No gray December chill here. So we moved Nature Walk Wednesday to Tuesday and went to Ohiopyle. It was just the children and I (and the dog). Not something I normally do, but it had to be done. We will need these memories when gray winter chill shows up.

The train was an unexpected treat, and the excitement from the third one required sitting down.

Everyone needs a good stick for walking and poking and scooting and stirring.

A secluded spot near a stream is a great place to stop and explore. We could have been there all day, but the dog was getting antsy and the morning crankies were threatening to become evening crankies without a nap.

Squeaky trees confuse dogs, sound like haunted houses, and make for some serious observation.

The best part is always the hand holding.

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