Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good Enough

Struggling lately with the to-do list that won't get done, the schedule that mocks me as I fall behind, the timer that continues to insist while I work away at the project the beep was supposed to stop.

I've started thinking about good and perfect and perfection. And I've been beating myself up for not being perfect. But, I'm not!

The perfect God, Creator of the universe, said "It is good." He is perfect, so His good is, well, perfect.

Again, I'm not perfect. So my good can't every be perfect. My good needs to be, well, good. I need to do a good job at my job, working as unto the Lord, a good job. I can embrace "not perfect." I can embrace the grace extended to me from a loving God and the grace given me from a loving family.

I can do a good job at what I'm doing and that is enough.

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