Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Walking Wednesday--When There Are Tears

We take daily walks, I've mentioned that before. But we are out of the habit--the holidays and the illnesses of the past two weeks have kept us cooped up. Partner out-of-habit with too-tired and Monday, we didn't make it outside till we were walking to Abigail's guitar lessons. When we got back, we fed the animals and returned to the indoors.

I find myself a bit stuck. My children seem to be homebodies, as in they would rather stay indoors than out. I remember being a reader, but I love being outside. Chris, who grew up with nearby-neighbors, talks about playing outside all the time as a child.

I would have thought that as soon as we could be back outside, visiting our favorite spots, they would jump on the opportunity. Instead there were tears.

So, we went back inside. And we set the timer for some downtime and play. We are gently getting back into the "regular" routine of our days. Monday, we completed the official learning of the day, we did that which keeps us fed and sheltered, and we went slowly.

Yesterday, we took that walk. Only I wanted to take the walk. Abigail, upon visiting the steam and the trees she knows the names of, perked up. Simon, went along because he had to go along. But it was a start, a late in the day because of around-town errands, that prepared us for that joyful nature walk today. (crossed fingers)

Slowly. Walking. Progress. Going to the place we want to be.

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