Monday, January 21, 2013

Not As It Seems

I was looking at a magazine last night. We're having trouble with heating Simon's and Abigail's rooms, and since she is sick, we decided to allow them to sleep on the living room floor in front of our little stove.

We went to bed early. While waiting for tiredness to fall, I perusedre-read a magazine. There was a cute family of three, a young couple with their even younger son, sitting in their living room. (At least I assume they were the actual family who resides in that house.) In the picture to the left of the spine, he is playing guitar while she and their toddler son play and listen while sitting on a rug. In the picture to the right of the spine, the family has been taken out and the woman and her son have been replaced by a coffee table with seriously large fabric tote boxes. Perhaps, they do move the coffee table for impromptu guitar concerts, but the pictures really reminded me that these houses are staged. (My house is staged when visitors come over though less and less as I've matured.)

Things aren't always what they seem. Those houses featured in magazines aren't as perfect as they appear, neither is our home, or life, as bad as it sometimes appears. I am not discouraged! Not in the least. I'm just reminded to focus.

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he
Proverbs 23:7 KJV

Our God is faithful and a giver of good gifts. I can be reminded even in the staging (sometimes most in the staging) to focus on that which I've been given. And to find gifts in all things.

:: a sick day, to sit, and cuddle, and watch (Mary Poppins anyone?)::
:: that new computer to learn ::
:: that the old computer dying has held out for the learning ::
:: jars of soothing salve and bandages ::
:: all the sunshine of the last days ::
:: a babysitting sleepover ::
:: the dinner with friends and the walk in the wood together ::
:: doctors who will see girls without their mothers (with just a phone call) ::
:: antibiotics and rest ::
:: new rug and pad to keep the floor warm for sleeping bags before the fire ::

Oh, how blessed we are. That I may never forget rejoicing always.

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