Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Letting Them Grow, Slowly

The TV is turned off. Early in the morning when they are given the opportunity to peruse Netflix and pick an appropriate, loved show to watch while we all wake up and prepare to interact with one another, they have turned the shows off.

They spent some of their Christmas money. A dragon track for him, and the Lego playhouse for her.

Eating cars and putting together a house trumps Super Why and The Pound Puppies. This mom breathes a small sigh of relief as maybe the opportunity turned routine is being replaced by the play that is being eaten up by academics and growing up.

Today the they are waking slowly. And that is good too.

:: pink in the sky ::
:: sitting in front of the fire with a candle alone ::
:: reading the story of the golden calf with her ::
:: all the little ways she relates to things to remember them ::
:: cold ::
:: flash drives ::
:: visits with friends and grace given for his friendships to grow ::
:: paying off loans ::
:: stories read and shared ::
:: easily putting him back into his bed ::

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