Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Traveling Hearts

Last week I called Chris at work, Chris whose been having a bit of a m0nster.com work week, to let him know that if he called to say someone offered him a job and we were moving tomorrow I would be OK with that. Better than OK, I would be ready to pack.

As I was counting all the ways things could be different if we did move and start some place else, older and wiser, I was reminded of something

I would be going along. I would be moving, too.

My point being that it isn't so much this home and this town that is the problem, but my heart that is discontent and impatient and counting all the unfinished of our lives. And my heart travels with me, so I would be thinking the same things anywhere come the gray of January.

So I've been trying to find ways to feed this heart of mine. Shifting our possessions around to make things a little more workable. Taking down and putting up. Changing the environment. Making small changes in our routine. Spending more time reading and looking. Making those plans to do things together.

And it has been helping. Slowly, but surely, my contentment has been growing and their security has been growing, and we're finding our way to peace and gratitude.

:: microwave returned to the kitchen ::
:: windex to clean said microwave ::
:: rabbits outside ::
:: gentle lists ::
:: sitting with women admitting to struggling with the same things ::
:: getting ideas from the same who've found victories in those things ::
:: clean freezers ::
:: and the picking up of meat to fill one of them ::
:: more than paths in our basement storage ::
:: that little fitness notebook, building faithfulness one day at at time ::

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