Monday, January 14, 2013

Problem Sorting via Thanksgiving

The snow is melting, big green patches. The clouds are clearing, big blue splotches.

The two are having trouble adjusting back to schooling. Simon, who for the majority of the fall joined us on our reading adventures, has fallen off the wagon, or couch as the case may be. Abigail is frustrated with a bit more work come the second half of first grade interfering with her play time.

The results:
  • a boy who sits at the table burping as loudly as possible through a cup of tea and a geometry lesson best forgotten 
  • a girl crying at the drop of a hat or the request for attention
  • a boy asking to rest beside his sister only to wrestle and tickle her feet
  • a girl becoming impatient with everyone.
  • A Mother who envies all those whose children go to school. Not withstanding the fact that Abigail being absent from Simon for an entire day and surrounded by people would lead to the same problems the mother is having all evening and then she would yell then cry and then the father-husband would yell and then the children would cry and then she wouldn't be able to cry anymore and everyone would have a terrible time of it all.
The big green patches and bright blue splotches are calling. A few minutes of basement work for me. The children's quiet play time cancelled for one hour of together play time will complete and we will go outside.

All the problems can be sorted out in time. It is a snow-pants-less day in January!

This weekend, we struggled with all the tasks of the moment. But I discovered part of the solution to the problems: time and setting aside myself for someone else.

:: books being read ::
:: glitter and glue ::
:: outside play ::
:: gift subscriptions ::
:: leaving the sink full of dishes ::
:: stretching out on the couch ::
:: listening, really listening ::
:: taking them out one at a time ::
:: tulips planted and waiting ::
:: silent hugging wake-up ::

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