Friday, January 25, 2013

Some Posts I'm Still Thinking About

Chris is off today. The coffee is ready and I want to read before heading to do some errands and an appointment. I'll send you to some writers who've been given more powerful words this week than I have.

Gillian Marchenko writes about adopting her fourth daughter. The post, here, gave me that "I've read something beautiful and want to soak in it." feeling. I didn't have words to comment. If you find words, I know it will encourage her. She's a real life friend.

Another real life friend wrote about the sanctity of human life and MLK in this post. It is another one that makes me think before being able to comment. I like her perspective on the way one issue bleeds into another issue.

And there are those things I'm grateful for.

:: good news for a neighbor ::
:: sledding laughter ::
:: cookies and coffee with friends ::
:: up a little later ::
:: picking up new glasses later ::
:: celebrating my mother ::
:: hearing them play ::
:: having him home ::
:: cold walking ::
:: coffee smells ::

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