Thursday, January 10, 2013

This Boy

I find myself writing more and more about him, and finding less to say about his sister. Partly because she is so much more aware of language's conventional use, but more because that which is humorous, would ,when put into the world for others to know, embarrass her. So in honor of her heart, I'll spend more time telling those funny stories about him for sometimes I think he resides in the comedy.

A Conversation

Mommay, I need go baffroom.
We'll go first when we get to the library.
Good, I need to go poop. Can I say secretly relieved as the likelihood of an accident is very low.
Minutes later we pull into the library parking lot, and I remember that I have fines and a card renewal which must happen before we go to the children's section to check out books. I revise the plan a bit.
Oh, I need to go to the adult section before we go upstairs. Simon can you wait just a little bit longer.
I start rummaging through all the stuff that needs to go in with us. Yes, I'm just fillin' my blasters.
What are your blasters? As I begin to open the door.
My butt.
I walk around the car to help him out wondering if I heard what it was I thought I heard.
Simon, what are you doing?
Filling my blasters.
And what are your blasters?
He points to his seat and smilingly states, My butt.

I remember that it is best to stay present when talking with a child and call Chris to let him in on the secret.

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